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Nine benefits of tomatoes fry eggs

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tomatoes fry eggs1.Tomatoes are rich in carotene, vitamin B and C, especially vitamin P content lists No.1 in all vegetables. They cotain vitamin C, carbohydrate and raw materials such as rutin which have the function of fighting scurvy, embellishing skin, protecting blood vessels, lowing blood pressure, helping digestion ect.

2.Lycopene contains vitamin and minerals which could protect cardiovascular as well as reduce heart disease.

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Making tomato paste by yourself

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Step 1 : prepare glass ware

tomato pasteWide mouth bottle (all kinds of wine bottle, soft drink bottle), and equipped with good bottle plug. Clean the bottle completely both inside and ourside (could put sand and water mixture bottle back and forth to clean the botttle), then put some water into pot, boil the bottle for 10 minutes.

Step 2 : make tomato paste

Wash tomatoes clean , steam them for a few minutes, remove skin and stalk as well as rotted parts, then crushing, boiling. A few minutes later, stir it with a spoon after cooling, finally can tomato paste with bottle.

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Add some ketchup to your breakfast

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Tomato is very nutritious. It is a kind of typical”funtional food”. Lycopene has a unique antioxidant function , it could remove oxygen free radicals, protect cells, prevent genes damaging, as well as slow down the ageing of the cells.

In winter, dry skin is a common problem for us, some people will get skin allergy. Lycopene can greatly relief skin allergy and urticant feeling, make you feel relax and happy. In addition, lycopene also has greatly protection effect from ultraviolet ray which is the great enemy of the ageing of the skin. So you should add some tomatoes at breakfast.

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In recent years , more and more people love barbecue which become the most popular diet style . However , it is hard to avoid the safety problem , let us face it before you enjoy your tasty barbecue . Research shows that  after high temperature barbecue food is very easy to produce baked carcinogens heterocyclic amine and benzopyrene . Especially the benzopyrene , the studies show that it can make poeple and animal cells mutations , deformity , even cancer .

How to make barbecue more safe ? First of all , don’t put the barbecue as main food. Second , add some tomato sauce on the food before barbecue ,  which could minimise the harmful substance .

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Everybody says that food should be eaten while it is fresh , but do you know which one is more nutritious? Tomato paste or fresh tomato ?

The United States magazine MSNBC points out the processed tomatoes contain better nutritions than the fresh tomatoes , that means tomato paste is better nutritious than fresh tomatoes , Chinese nutrition experts also hold the same point of view .

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Question : I like tomato flavor dishes . A few days ago I went to supermarket finding there are tomato paste and ketchup , but what is the difference between them ? Which is better ?

Answer : Tomato paste is the paste enrichment of fresh tomatoes ,  an unique dressing which couldn’t consume directly .  It is made by mature fresh tomatoes through the process of crushing , beating , removing thick hard materials such as skin and seeds , as well as concentration , canned , and sterilization . It is commonly used to cook fish and meat to add the excellent tomato flavor .

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eggs with tomato pasteBritish  journal of nutrition” shows that : eating more tomato paste play an important role to protect your heart . The Finnish scientists at the university of Oslo found that the British ketchup diet hobby has great help to halt “bad” cholesterol (that is low density lipoprotein cholesterol).

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Tips for tomato paste consuming

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Tomato paste is deep red color , tastes sweet and sour, it is often used in cooking as one of the tasty seasoning .

Tomato paste is made by fresh tomatoes are get rid of skin and seed . There are 2 kinds , one is tomato paste got bright red color , another is ketchup which get further process from tomato paste which tastes sweet and sour with dark red . The former can be fry fressing , the latter can be dipped by food . Tomato paste is mostly deep red or red , even and fine , moderate sticky , sweet and sour , without impurities , no peculiar smell .

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Tomato’s secret weapon : lycopene

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Tomato is one of the best nutrition food , it also be titled for healthy food , functonal food and ladies’ cosmetics . All these attributed to tomato contains an active ingredient named lycopene .

What is lycopene ? lycopene is a red material , a kind of natural pigments which belongs to the carotenoid family . Scientists found that lycopene is not unique to tomato , many red and orange yellow fruit plants , and even a few floral blade also contain lycopene more or less , such as watermelon , red grapes , pumpkin , grapefruit , pomegranates , persimmon , mango , peach , strawberry , orange , carrots and cabbage root , but tomato contains higher quantity.

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tomato pasteLycopene is not only the source of red pigment for fruits and vegetables such as tomato , watermelon and cherry . It is also the most popular natural antioxidant in recent years . Lycopene antioxidant capacity is 100 times as vitamin E , as well as more than twice as bata carotene , which can effectively reduce the risk of prostate cancer , ovarian cancer , lung cancer an so on .

Lycopene’s biggest advantage is super oxidation resistance , but it is easily to be oxidized in the light. As early as 1998 , the professor of Wuxi light industry university Sun Qingjie has done some experiment for lycopene which extracted from tomato , it remains 3.7% after exposing in the light half day . In 2004 , Nanjing university finance and economics associate professor Qiu Weifen has proved it again with the experiment , lycopene life can only maitain 8 hours when it exposes in light.

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